Mark Moyad MD

Jenkins/Pokempner Endowed Director, University of Michigan Medical Center

Dr. Mark Moyad continues to occupy the Jenkins/Pokempner endowed director of complementary and alternative medicine education in the department of urology at the University of Michigan Medical Center (25+ consecutive years), which was a position originally created and funded entirely by the individuals he helped during the early part of his career. He is first and foremost a public health educator with a career-long emphasis and expertise in clinical or medical epidemiology especially as it pertains to lifestyle changes and other personal empowerment evidence-based options, which could potentially enhance the impact of conventional care, and prevent or mitigate the side effects of treatment. Dr. Moyad received his medical education from the University of South Florida College of Public Health and the Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is the primary author of over 150 medical journal publications and fifteen books including academic and clinical educational texts for health care professionals and numerous diverse consumer health books. He was the past editor-in-chief of the medical journal Seminars in Preventive & Alternative Medicine, and he continues to be a primary peer reviewer for multiple medical journals. He has delivered lectures throughout the world to the public and health care professionals in virtually every medical specialty and major medical center. He has volunteered for numerous national prostate cancer advocacy groups for 25 consecutive years and helps moderate some of the largest prostate cancer patient meetings in the world.