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Annual Conference 2012

040 - Advanced Practice Cystoscopy

Nov 2, 2012 8:00am ‐ Nov 2, 2012 5:15pm


This workshop is designed for advanced practice nurses and physician assistants involved in performing cystoscopy. The course will feature presentations on normal anatomy and physiology; and pathophysiology within the bladder. There will also be hands on training with the cystoscopes. Register early! This workshop is limited to 50 participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the indications for cystoscopy.
  • Describe patient and equipment preparation for cystoscopy.
  • Recognize the anatomy; embryology and physiology.
  • Describe why and why not to perform bladder biopsy.
  • Describe appropriate technique for biopsy.
  • Describe equipment used for biopsy.
  • Describe risks; benefits; and alternatives to biopsy on wake patient.
  • Describe role of NP/PA in cystoscopy.
  • Name CPT/ICD 9 codes that could apply to cystoscopy.
  • Illustrate proper handling and care of cystoscopes.
  • Identify the appropriate equipment for selected cases and the operational components of the lenses.
  • Describe the proper reprocessing technique for cystoscopes in the office setting.
  • Demonstrate proper care and handling to reduce potential damage to endoscopes and accessories.
  • Identify anatomical landmarks throughout the bladder.
  • Differentiate normal and abnormal findings within the bladder.


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