Tadas Sileika PhD

Senior Scientist, Hollister, Inc.

Dr. Tadas Sileika is a senior scientist, continence care research and development, at Hollister Incorporated in Libertyville, Illinois. For a total of 8 years, he led applied and translational research in functional biomaterials as an undergraduate and PhD candidate, applying the very concepts in industry. As a graduate student, Tadas was at the forefront of functional biomaterials research inspired by plant polyphenols. During his 10-year career in industry, he has focused on utilization of advanced materials and surface modifications for novel antimicrobial strategies in wound care and continence care, aimed at reducing infection, antimicrobial resistance, and ultimately improving the quality of patients’ lives. He has also worked on bringing life-saving medical devices to emerging markets in start-up environments. His efforts have led to increased awareness and understanding of relevant etiologies behind urinary tract infections for intermittent catheter users. Working closely with a global team at Hollister Inc., Dr. Sileika has been actively disseminating the importance of antimicrobial resistance stewardship and advanced device development in addressing ongoing and future human health issues. He has also been engaging with the local and state communities to emphasize the importance of STEM in education, dynamically mentoring students, interns, and co-op program members. He regularly speaks at community engagements and seminars on the importance of STEM. Dr. Sileika is an established innovator, with over 60 patent applications and grants, along with 17 literature publications, accounting for a total of over 1,700 citations.