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P07_NonCE - Once-Daily Vibegron 75 mg for Overactive Bladder (OAB) Is Generally Safe and Well Tolerated, and Is Efficacious in Patients Aged ≥65 or ≥75 Years: EMPOWUR Randomized, International, Phase 3 Study

Purpose: For EMPOWUR, key efficacy endpoints are reported for patients with OAB aged ≥65 and ≥75 years, and overall.

Background/significance: Vibegron is a novel, once-daily, oral β3 agonist for OAB. In EMPOWUR, vibegron 75 mg showed statistically significant improvement in daily micturitions and urged urinary incontinence (UUI) episodes (p4% vibegron and >placebo) was headache (placebo, 2.2%; vibegron, 4.5%; tolterodine 2.3%).

Conclusions/implications: Treatment with vibegron for 12 weeks was generally safe and well tolerated, and was efficacious in all OAB patients, including those aged ≥65 and ≥75 years.

Funding: Urovant Sciences