Quick Tips

SUNA's Online Library includes some features that you may not know about.
Browse this page to learn about ways you can make your time in the Online Library more efficient.

Recently Viewed Sessions

If you're viewing a session but don't have a chance to watch all of it, you can find it again easily in the Recently Viewed Sessions section of your account.  Simply click on "My Account," and then "Recently Viewed Sessions" to see a list of the sessions you have visited.  

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Bookmarking Your Place in a Session

If you're watching a session, and don't have time to complete it, book mark your spot by using the Notes feature.  Just click on the "Notes" tab, enter a note where you left off, and click submit.  You'll then be able to jump to that place in the session by clicking on that particular note.

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Favoriting Sessions You Love

If there are sessions you want to come back to again, and again, favorite them! Simply click the little star near the title to add them to your Favorites.  Then, go to "My Account" and click on "Favorites" to access them.

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Orders & Receipts

You can access a list of your orders, and print receipts at any time.  Just click on "Orders" under "My Account." 

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