Tara Thompson PharmD

Vice President of Clinical and Marketing Services, Revelation Pharma

Tara Thompson is a Doctor of Pharmacy, compounding pharmacist and patient advocate with 11 years’ experience in sterile and nonsterile compounding at Innovation Compounding and Revelation Pharma. Her areas of expertise and extensive research include Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction, Pelvic Health and Pain, and Hormone Replacement Therapy. She currently serves as the Vice President of Clinical and Marketing Services for the Revelation Pharma Network of Pharmacies, is a Fellow of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, is on the APC Board of Directors, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice for three colleges of pharmacy. Tara developed the website www.thesexualhealthpharmacist.com, sits on many medical advisory boards, and is a frequent speaker on pharmacology in women’s and men’s health.