Research: Fear of and Suseptibility to Prostate Cancer as Predictors of Prostate Cancer Screening among Haitian-American Men: Special Series on Prostate Cancer Screening and Treatment

Identification: unj_mj10_02
Issue: May-June 2010
Volume: Volume 30 Number 3


Acknowledgments: The author wishes to acknowledge the following for their support of the study. The research scales were used with the permission of Victoria Champion; DNS; RN; FAAN; Associate Dean for Research; Director of Cancer Control; Indiana University. The research index and Internet site were used with the permission of the Harvard Center of Cancer Prevention; Harvard School of Public Health. The educational materials were provided by Philip A. Wood; MD; Director of the Men?s Health Partnership; Executive Office of Health and Human Services; Department of Public Health; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This study was supported by a grant made available by the Society Urologic Nurses and Associates.



Credits: None available.

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