Research: Characteristics and Impact of Iterrupted Sleep in Women with Overactive Bladder

Identification: unj_so11_07
Issue: September-October 2011
Volume: Volume 31 Number 5


Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank Dr. Karla Hess Horstman for her assistance with writing and preparing the manuscript for publication. Statements of Disclosure: Diane K. Newman disclosed that she has served on the Advisory Board of Novartis; Astellas; GSK; and Watson Pharma; and in the past; is a speaker for Procter & Gamble; Novartis; Allergan; Astellas; GSK; Pfizer; Allergan; and Watson Pharma. She has conducted clinical research for NIH Novartis; GSK; Allergan; and Watson Pharma. Patricia E. Koochaki disclosed that she receives stock from Procter & Gamble.



Credits: None available.

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